Novomatic Gaminator Machines - RTP Settings

I'll come on to more specific information about the RTP settings of Novomatic's Gaminator slots in land-based casinos later in this article but first, some background info.

Most UK slots are developed by one of 4 manufacturers: IGT, WMS, Novomatic and Atronic (Diversity) with just a sprinking of games from other providers. The standard UK casino licence used as applies to most UK casinos like Barracuda or the Genting-owned Palm Beach only allows for 20 slot machines while the newer, larger casinos like Aspers Casino have one of the newer licences allowing for up to 150.

Novomatic's Super V+ Gaminator Machines
One of the common denominators among all these are the fact that you will find plenty of "Gaminator" multi-game machines housing Novomatic slot games like the Book Of Ra and Dolphin's Pearl. But, like pretty much all slot machines found in UK casinos, the exact RTP settings (expected long term payback percentage) is usually absent.

Many of the games are now online at good casinos like Genting Casino or Grosvenor Casino and like all online slots, the RTP of the online versions tends to be higher, averaging around the 95% mark.

But what sets the land-based Gaminator machines apart from the other slot machines is the fact that most of them display the "minimum payout percentage" if you look closely. That's a good starting point but still doesn't tell you a lot. However, combine this information with the fact that the machines have pre-installed "game packs" which are designed for the UK and come with more accurate information in the accompanying literature issued to the casinos and we can start to get a better picture.

Before I go into the more accurate RTP information, I also want to explain the concept of "volatility" or "variance" which is often either misunderstood or simply ignored by players. The volatility of a slot makes a huge difference to a player's experience because a more volatile game will invariably have longer lean periods and bigger top-end wins. trust me, the games aren't "rigged" - they are all random - but many players mistake volatile slots for "rigged" slots. Not the case. I'd suggest reading my article on slot variance at Slotjunkies if this concept is's very important!

Gaminator RTP Settings
So back to Novomatic's Gaminator RTP settings. Most Novomatic slots are described as medium or high volatility. Check out the Novomatic slot volatility chart for more exact info. Oftentimes, a manufacturer will assign a slightly higher RTP to a volatile slot to make up for the fact that it can appear mean!

The Gaminator machines in the UK all come with tailored "UK Game Packs", largely because of the '2 maximum spin/4,000 maximum prize' restriction on a UK casino licence. These game packs (accurate as of May 2012, may be subject to change) have 4 "minimum payout" settings: 90%, 92%, 94% and 96%. I noticed on a recent trip to Grosvenor's West-End based casino that the Gaminotors had a 94% minimum setting displayed while the Empire had 92%. I'm sure these change from time to time but that is quite a significant difference.

Within these bands (90-92, 92-94, 94-96 & 96+), each game has it's own RTP setting which will fall within the band ensuring that the minimum advertised RTP applies to each game on each Super Gaminator machine. From a player perspective this is actually a good thing because it means when you sit at a Gaminator that advertises a 94% minimum for example, it means every game has that as a minimum and rarely will a game will be more than 96% (as things stand) so you haven't got to worry about which game pays most. Sure, there are small fluctuations but these are generally less than 2% and from the stats I have seen, they are usually bunched much closer together.

Some Tips for Novomatic Players
Of course there are a few exceptions and as a small reward for reading this far, I'll spill a couple of RTP settings that at the time of writing, give the player a slight advantage over other games. The game "Sizzling Hot 7" (UK Game Pack 16) has a fixed 95.78% regardless of the Gaminator's minimum setting. That probably means you won't ever find it on Gaminators that advertise 96% minimums but is at an advantage on the machines with lower minimums.

The Rich Witch slot game has the highest (marginally!) percentage payout on 96%+ minumum machines with a setting of 96.40%. If you are playing on 90%, 92% or 94% minimum Gaminators, then look for "Sizzling Hot 7" again (95.78%), "Xtra Hot" (95.66%), "Plenty On Twenty" (95.61%) or "Just Jewels" (94.31%).

Because of the "minimums" published on each game, there is little point in analysing the games with the smallest RTP as they all fall in the band anyway and are closely bunched. Also one final note, the "Xtra Hot" game may have a good percentage but it is one of the most volatile Novomatic games, so be warned!

Novomatic Gaminator Slots
This article deals exclusively with land-based slot machines by Novomatic. If you would like more information on the online games they provide, please visit where you will find a complete list.

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